No Stock Trading, please…

May 19th, 2009

Dear Trade4All Persons;

It seems insuficient to share with you that I do not support speculative trading (for speculation instead of production is a certain way to eventual economical collapse. Exactly what is happening to our culture in the larger loop of those “in the know”…But I can see how those of us NOT “In the know” might “fall into temptation” and aim to “day-trade”… Sounds good!…But you and I know that it’s an almost totally unlike win unless you are a “day trading scientist”…And even then, its ONLY speculation!) No fun. I don’t support it. Please abstain from aiming to link, kindly.

Allow me to make clear that if you atempt to use my site for your link once more, you’ll force me to report you as spam.

Thank you for your kind attention;

Always love, light and laughter;

Leticia Huber : )

Present times are not meant for waiting -much less for waisting! ; )

December 18th, 2008

How would you like to step into your own future right now!… I did, I think, with my exploration -and participation- with DubLi…

I definitely see it as a new business model…Interestingly opposite to the known ones, where there is one large institution of some sort, and many of us, the “little people”, subject to the institution….This has been the model of the Industrial Era. It maybe was inevitable… but it proved to be finite: It’s ending now…. See Wall Street?… See the banks?… See the abusive government?…Even the before so hermetic medical industry?

But, in the crumbling all of these (for lack of present need) Some gem concepts are being conceived; and some new business models are emerging…

What seems to be a constant of this new way is the power of the very many “little people” that we are, finding some smart ways to organize ourselves to serve each other -while, of course, serving ourselves in a win-win-or-I-don’t-play approach.

In my experience, this is the case of DubLi.

The name is funny, isn’t it?… Like kind of “funny-unknown”?… But wasn’t “Google” or E-Bay unknown and very funny too only a few years ago?… ; )

It goes beyond geographical borders (it is THE FIRST global trading portal)… Goes beyond “money”, by trading in “credits”. Goes beyond socio-economical borders by finding a smart and fun way of actually bringing down the purchase price of excellent brand new merchandise, otherwise unobtainable by many -while paying the producers fair market price!… Factories and workers do win from this too! : )

But it goes beyond… DubLi is not only a first in the world global trading portal and reverse-auction portal -Contrary to e-Bay -or any other auction of the “old system”,where every bidder brings up the price of the product in question. NOT WITH DUBLI!… Here, every time someone else bids on that object which interests you, the price of the object goes down for 25 cents (U.S. dollar cents). May seem very little when you are aiming to buy a brand new Mini-Cooper Convertible…ha-ha-ha!…BUT…there is the power of the many… and when you get hundreds and thousands and hundresd of thousands of persons interested -like you are- in that little convertible, the price can come down quite quickly for ya’ ; )… That is how I just got the computer I’ve been wanting for about a year: a LeNovo notebook. From the asked $407 asked price, I bought it when the price had dropped to $360+ shipping and handling…delivered to my door!…I’m quite happy to share : )

So, a person spends 1 credit of $0.80 (US). $0.25 of those $0.80 go to lower the price of the product. The other 0.55 (US) goes towards those of us “associates” of DubLi…(Anyone can be, at this point. It’s enough to purchase a “license ” (”Gold”, “Silver” or “Bronze” options) that grants you that status.

Finally, one “associate” can also “sponsor” a charity, a non-profit, or a small business in a “partnership” that will allow such charity, non-profit or small business institutions will get a free web site by DubLi -tailored to their desired look -when they actively “spread the word” among their members about the 10% or even up to 30% commission their charity, non profit or small business gets from any credits they choose to buy to bid down the prices of the different merchandises on the charity, non profit or small business special DubLli page.

And this is NOT the only model of the “new style” we may find… there’s also, micro-financing of people by people, like in…or

Enough for now! : )… Nighty-night!

Always love, light and laughter;



December 16th, 2008

Finally I have a place to share my wonderful experience with all my friends.