No Stock Trading, please…

Dear Trade4All Persons;

It seems insuficient to share with you that I do not support speculative trading (for speculation instead of production is a certain way to eventual economical collapse. Exactly what is happening to our culture in the larger loop of those “in the know”…But I can see how those of us NOT “In the know” might “fall into temptation” and aim to “day-trade”… Sounds good!…But you and I know that it’s an almost totally unlike win unless you are a “day trading scientist”…And even then, its ONLY speculation!) No fun. I don’t support it. Please abstain from aiming to link, kindly.

Allow me to make clear that if you atempt to use my site for your link once more, you’ll force me to report you as spam.

Thank you for your kind attention;

Always love, light and laughter;

Leticia Huber : )

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